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Apartments for sale in Calpe

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Apartments for sale in Calpe

Our apartments for sale in Calpe are located in a coastal city located in the province of Alicante, on the beautiful Costa Blanca of Spain . With its Mediterranean charm, Calpe offers a wide variety of cultural and tourist attractions that are popular with both local residents and foreign visitors who choose to settle in this magnificent city.

One of Calpe's most iconic attractions is the imposing Peñón de Ifach , an imposing rocky promontory that rises majestically above the Mediterranean Sea. This protected nature park offers spectacular hiking trails with stunning panoramic views of the coast and surrounding landscape. Residents of Calpe can enjoy regular walks around the Peñón de Ifach , exploring its fascinating flora and fauna and admiring its stunning cliffs and sea views.

Another notable attraction of Calpe is its charming old town, known as the " Calpe Old Town " or " Old Town ". With its narrow cobbled streets, whitewashed houses and picturesque squares, the old town is the perfect place to stroll and immerse yourself in local history and culture. Here, residents can discover charming shops, boutiques, art galleries and restaurants offering authentic Mediterranean cuisine and stunning views.

Calpe is also known for its beautiful golden sand beaches and crystal clear waters. Beaches such as Playa de la Fossa and Playa del Arenal-Bol are popular with local residents and offer a wide range of water activities, including swimming, diving, snorkelling and windsurfing. In addition, Calpe's promenade is the perfect place to walk, exercise or simply relax while enjoying the stunning sea views.

Apartments for sale in Calpe located in luxury residential areas and with the most innovative designs in the city

Discover excellence in the Mediterranean lifestyle with our exclusive apartments for sale in Calpe. Located within walking distance of the city's most iconic beaches , these apartments offer a perfect combination of luxury, comfort and stunning panoramic views.

Designed in a contemporary Mediterranean style , our apartments have spacious and bright interiors that invite relaxation and comfort. With careful attention to detail, each unit has been meticulously designed to meet the most demanding needs and tastes of our clients, whether for foreign families seeking a permanent residence or for those desiring a second home in this charming coastal city.

Many of our apartments in Calpe are new construction , which means they benefit from the latest innovations in design and construction. These modern buildings offer a variety of amenities, such as elevators, underground garages and storage rooms, for the convenience of our residents.

In addition, our apartments in Calpe offer a fabulous community space , perfect for the little ones to enjoy and have fun outdoors. With carefully designed landscaped areas and a communal swimming pool, residents can enjoy moments of leisure and socialization in a safe and tranquil environment.

Our local real estate agents assist you comprehensively with each purchase of apartments for sale in Calpe

IKONIC LIVING is a leading real estate developer on the Costa Blanca, with a solid reputation and years of experience in the sale of apartments for sale in Calpe. Our mission is to help our clients find the home of their dreams in Spain , offering a personalized and professional service at every step of the purchasing process.

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Apartments for sale in Calpe

Do you dream of having a second residence on the Costa Blanca? Our Apartments for sale in Calpe allow you to enjoy this luxury! One of the greatest pleasures of living in Calpe is its rich gastronomy. Here, you can delight in the freshest flavors of the sea in restaurants ranging from cozy family-run establishments to Michelin-starred establishments.

You can't miss trying the arroz del Señoret , a typical dish of the region that combines fresh seafood and rice in a festival of flavors. In addition, local markets offer a variety of fresh products that will delight any culinary enthusiast.

Likewise, Calpe is a melting pot of cultures, with a vibrant international community . Here, you will feel at home no matter where you come from. The city has cultural events and festivities that celebrate this diversity, creating a welcoming and cosmopolitan atmosphere. The connections and friendships you will make in Calpe will enrich your life in unimaginable ways.

The city's infrastructure is also designed to offer you maximum comfort. From high-quality health centers to international schools , you will find everything you need for a comfortable and safe life. In addition, the proximity to Alicante airport facilitates international travel, allowing you to be well connected with the rest of the world.

Fabulous Apartments for sale in Calpe! Community spaces with swimming pool and landscaped parks

Immerse yourself in the charm of Mediterranean coastal life with our exclusive Apartments for sale in Calpe. Designed with a focus on modernity and elegance , these apartments offer a contemporary lifestyle in one of the most sought-after destinations on the Costa Blanca.

Many of our apartments are recently built , which guarantees innovative designs and high-quality finishes. With clean and elegant lines, these apartments stand out for their modern and minimalist aesthetics . The predominant color palette is pure and off-white, creating a bright and serene atmosphere in each space.

Located in exclusive residential complexes, IKONIC LIVING homes offer a wide range of services and amenities to improve your quality of life. From community pools to landscaped parks within the apartment's own plot, every detail has been carefully designed to offer you maximum comfort and well-being.

But the most impressive thing about our apartments are the panoramic views they offer. From the terraces and balconies, you can enjoy impressive views of the crystal-clear waters of the Mediterranean and the beautiful beaches of Calpe. Each day will be a unique visual experience, where you can relax and enjoy the natural spectacle that surrounds you.

At IKONIC LIVING we have been selling Apartments for sale in Calpe for years! We help you find your ideal home

At IKONIC LIVING, we are a leading real estate developer on the Costa Blanca, known for our solid reputation and years of experience offering Apartments for sale in Calpe. Our mission is simple but powerful: to help our clients find the home of their dreams in Spain .

Our track record in property sales has allowed us to develop a deep knowledge of the market and the needs of our clients. Therefore, at IKONIC LIVING, we not only sell houses; We build dreams and create unforgettable experiences for each of our clients.

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  • Telephone for calls and WhatsApp : +34 603 209 069
  • Email: info@ikonicliving.com